Playback recovery options

Here you can specify what X-Pert Playout should do in case of accidental restart /abnormal termination of the module. The following options are available if X-Pert Playout is not running in daily playlist mode:

 Last playback status (Play/Pause/Stop) – if checked, it resumes the last playback status of X-Pert Playout, depending on the status, in which it was before stopping.

 Last played item from the last playlist – if checked, it resumes the last item from the playlist that was played by X-Pert Playout before stopping.

 Last played position in the last played item – functions as the two previous options but it also remembers the position of the last item to resume status exactly at it is. The interval for saving the last position is changeable through the spin-box below.

 Catch up with schedule according to system clock – this option allows playlist recovery after a failure and synchronizes it with the system clock.

When you set this option, you should bear in mind that the default start time for all playlists in X-Pert Playout is 00:00:00 hours. Therefore, if you have started your playlist manually, after a power failure, X-Pert Playout will resume playback from that point in the playlist, which corresponds to the initial time (00:00:00) plus the current system clock time. For example, you start your playlist manually at 9:00 o’clock; and at 9:30 a power failure that persists till 10:00 occurs. After the power supply is recovered at 10:00 o’clock, X-Pert Playout will resume playback from the point in the playlist that is 10:00 hours away from its beginning (considering 00:00:00 as an initial start time). In short, X-Pert Playout will “forward” the playlist to the point of power supply recovery, taking 00:00:00 as initial time.

In order to overcome this, you should compile your playlists to start with wait events. The wait events’ values should be set in hours from 00:00:00 to the desired start time of your playlist, i.e., for the above example, your playlist should start with a “wait for 9 hours” event.

Thus, in case of power failure, X-Pert Playout will account for the initial time, set by you, and will resume playback from the point that corresponds to the power recovery time. Let us consider the example above. With this setting, at 10:00 o’clock X-Pert Playout will start from the point, which corresponds to one hour after the beginning of the playlist (set to 9:00 o’clock through a wait event).

NOTE: Playback recovery options will not be applied when X-Pert Playout is running in daily playlist mode! In daily playlist mode, X-Pert Playout will always try to catch-up with the schedule according to the playlist start time and the current system time.