StartUp playlist

In this section you can choose a playlist to be loaded upon X-Pert Playout startup.

 New loads a blank playlist;

Select the  Last used option and the next time you start X-Pert Playout it will load the last played list. In addition, you can check Auto start playback after loading the last used playlist.

 Open dialog invokes a query to choose a playlist from the last used playlist location.

 Daily playlist folder gives an opportunity for some simple scheduling of playlists. Select a folder, in which you will place the daily playlists by filling-in its path, or just browse for it with the Browse button. There you will save the playlists you want to schedule. They require a specific naming structure in order to be played on the desired date and time. An example name is “2003_11_20_14_00_00.ply,” where 2003 stands for the year, 11_20 is for MM_DD (month_day), and 14_00_00 is HH_MM_SS (hour_minutes_seconds). Only files with such a naming structure will be played automatically when X-Pert Playout is running in this mode. Now you can use the Save daily playlist feature in the X-Pert Playout File menu to achieve this naming automatically.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the Daily playlist folder option make sure that you have defined a folder, where the daily playlist folder is situated!

NOTE: For more thorough understanding of the X-Pert Playout options, described above, please, check Examples 20 – 28 in Appendix 5 further in this manual.