Pump playout

NOTE:! This plugin is not included in X-Pert Playout versions by default. If you need to use it, please contact our sales team at: sales@x-pert.tv

DataPump MPEG Program Dumper

This Plug-in is used for dumping the playlist into a single MPEG2 file.

Pressing the play button will open a browse dialog for saving the resulting file.

There are no setup options for this plug-in.

NOTE: This feature works faster than the real-time one. For example, a 15-minute playlist compiles as a single file for less than 10 minutes. The speed depends on the HDD performance and the input/output stream configuration.


IP Pump MPEG Program Dumper

It is an optional playback plug-in that streams the content that is being played out to a network IP address. The IP Pump uses a standard UDP mechanism for data transfer.

In the Address field, enter the IP address of the remote machine to receive the stream. If you check Multicast, i.e. streaming to multiple machines, you will have to enter a special multicast address in the Address field. Usually its first three digits are in between 224 and 239.

If you have more than one network connection, specify which one should be used for the streaming in the Interface string. If you leave it empty, X-Pert Playout will stream through all of the available interfaces.

In the Port field, define which communication port will be used for the streaming. By default, it is 1234.

TTL stands for time-to-live for the Internet packets. This spin-box is active only if the Multicast box is checked. The higher the TTL value, the longer the packets will “live” and pass through more routers. By default, it is “1,” which is enough for local networks.

In the Buffer Size field you can specify the size of the IP packets to be sent along the network. It should be a multiple of 188 bytes, which is the size of an MPEG-2 TS packet.

The Advance time value represents the maximum time for buffering before initiating the streaming.

Use the  Dump to file checkbox for recording the playlist to a file.

 Fixed Mux Rate: This check forces the plug-in to output a stream with fixed bit rate. This is done through zero packets, also known as "stuffing packets". It is applicable for transport stream output only!

NOTE: The mux rate must be set to at least 10% higher than the highest content bitrate.

Protocol – now RTP is supported along the UDP protocol. RTP is considered a more professional choice because of the time stamping in the packets’ headers. It is applicable only for transport streams!

Packet Dispersion Quality- as the name states, this forces the plug-in to output better dispersed packets. This means that the jitter will be much lower, thus producing a more “professional” stream. Better should comply with the standard – MPEG-2 Real-Time Interface Specification (ISO/IEC 13818-9 [65]).

If you have multiple channel licenses, specify their number in the spin-box in the bottom of this dialog. Thus, you will be able to see the same number of IP pump plug-ins in Settings -> Modules -> Output. By default, there are four IP pump plug-ins there.

CPU Time Factor – in IP Pump we use the CPU clock to generate the PCRs of the Transport Stream. Enter the value from the stream analyzer here to compensate for the inaccuracy of the CPU clock frequency.

WARNING! Consult your network administrator prior to changing the network-related settings.

NOTE: There is no overlay preview with this plug-in!