AVC/H.264 streaming settings

The IP settings are the same as the Network settings in the MPEG2 Streaming plug-in, described above.

Pressing the Video Encoder Settings button will open the video codec properties dialog.

You can check the description of the MainConcept©, video codec settings for reference.

Pressing the Audio Encoder Setting button will open the audio codec properties dialog.

The MainConcept AAC Encoder© properties dialog is described below.

The Bitrate Control specifies the average output audio bitrate; the Profile sets the object type; and the Header type sets the output bit stream format (raw or with ADTS headers).

Check  High frequency cut-off to reduce the encoded data.

Pressing the Multiplexer Settings button will open the MainConcept Multiplexer© properties dialog. You can view the parameters of the output MPEG-2 TS stream in it.