IP settings:

Address – enter the IP address of the remote machine to receive the stream. If you check Multicast, i.e. streaming to multiple machines, you will have to enter a special multicast address in the Address field (the multicast addresses are in the range between and

TTL stands for time-to-live for the Internet packets. This spin-box is active only if the Multicast box is checked. The higher the TTL value, the longer the packets will “live” and pass through more network routers. By default the TTL is set to “1,” which is enough for local networks.

Buffer size – in this spin-box you can specify the size of the IP packets to be sent along the network. This size should be a multiple of 188 bytes, which is the size of an MPEG-2 TS packet. We recommend a 1316 bytes buffer size, which will comply with the standard network MTU.

Port - define which communication port will be used for the streaming. By default it is 1234.

Interface - if there is more than one network card in the PC, you need to specify which one should be used for the streaming in this string. If you leave it empty, X-Pert Playout will stream through all of the available interfaces.

Multicast – check it to stream to all PCs in the network.

Protocol – the network protocol.

 SCTE-35 - Enabling SCTE-35 output triggers.

If you click on  Program stream, the protocol will be switched automatically to  UDP. With  Transport stream you can choose between UDP and RTP.