Setup for MPEG Transport Stream

The streaming plug-in sends the playback stream to a network IP address or an ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) output, instead to a video output board.

Currently, the supported streams are ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) stream and UDP stream (IP stream). For using ASI stream, you have to have a dedicated ASI card installed (currently the supported ASI card is Deltacast ASI).

For the steaming output, into the output settings window, there is an additional settings tab Streaming settings.

As it is possible to run more than one X-Pert Playout instance (channel) on the same PC, you have to define the X-Pert Playout output channel number in the Output field (IP Stream # or ASI Stream #).

Then, for the run X-Pert Playout channel, define the output Video Compression type. It is possible to have MPEG-2 or AVC/H.264 video compression.

There are different streaming settings for MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264.

Pressing the Plugin Setup for a predefined MPEG Transport Stream in the Outputs tab invokes a dialog, like the one below.

-In the IP settings field configure the following:

Address – enter the IP address of the remote machine to receive the stream. If you check Multicast, i.e. streaming to multiple machines, you will have to enter a special multicast address in the Address field (the multicast addresses are in the range between and

TTL stands for time-to-live for the Internet packets. This spin-box is active only if the Multicast box is checked. The higher the TTL value, the longer the packets will “live” and pass through more network routers. By default the TTL is set to “1,” which is enough for local networks.

Buffer size – in this spin-box you can specify the size of the IP packets to be sent along the network. This size should be a multiple of 188 bytes, which is the size of an MPEG-2 TS packet. We recommend a 1316 bytes buffer size, which will comply with the standard network MTU.

Port - define which communication port will be used for the streaming. By default it is 1234.

Interface - if there is more than one network card in the PC, you need to specify which one should be used for the streaming in this string. If you leave it empty, X-Pert Playout will stream through all of the available interfaces.

Multicast – check it to stream to all PCs in the network.

Protocol – the network protocol.

In the Output drop-down menu select whether the output to be sent over ASI or over IP

-In the MPEG settings field configure the following:

If you click on  Program stream, the protocol will be switched automatically to  UDP. With Transport stream you can choose between a  UDP and an RTP protocol.

The MPEG stream settings are situated at the right side of the window. Full description may be found in this section.

The Video Encoder Settings and the Audio Encoder Settings are described below.


Send AFD Info - sends additional details on the aspect ratio.

Optimized Packing - reduces the needless muxer data.

SCTE- 35 section allows you to specify the SCTE settings. Click on the check-box to enable the functionality for MPEG TS Output and specify:

Program ID - Refers to the Program ID of the TS.

Program number - If you have MPTS, the Program number should be specified.

Repetition time - guarantee a certain bandwidth for that Program ID.