Right-click menu

Right-clicking over a line in the database grid invokes the following context menu:

New Record – opens an empty New Record dialog box.

NOTE: If a specific classification element or credit from the Tree View is selected at the time of clicking on New record, the new record will be automatically added to this element. The relevant fields in the New Record dialog box will be automatically filled-in with the corresponding information.

Delete Record – deletes the selected record.

Edit Record – opens the selected record’s properties for editing.

Options – opens the Options  menu.

Update – updates the database. Thus, the changes you’ve made will take effect.

Print current table – opens a dialog box for printing the database.

Preview – invokes the Clip Trimmer for clip preview, if there is an MPEG file connected to the record.

Search – shows/hides the search area in the GRID.

Check files – starts checking the availability of the files connected to the records. This procedure updates the information on missing files.

Export to/Import from XML – These features will allow you to exchange metadata with other applications.

NOTE: Export to XML applies only to the current selection in the grid. If you need to export the entire database, please select all lines first (<Ctrl > + <A> on your keyboard).

Export to MS Excel – opens a dialog box for exporting records to MS Excel.



Target file – the name of the *.xls file, to which you want to export the data. Use it, if you have a previously created *.xls file. For example, you could prepare a template form in MS Excel to be filled with records from X-Pert Compact MAM.

If you leave the Target file field empty or type a non-existing file name, a new *.xls file will be created (book1.xls, by default).

oSheet name – enter the name of a sheet in the *.xls file. If you do not enter a name, the data will be exported to the first sheet in the file.

In the following fields you can define the export details:

X-Pert Compact MAM:

Field – which field from the record description in X-Pert Compact MAM should be exported.


Cell type – the type of the cell (text, number, etc.);

Start cell – the number of the first cell in MS Excel, from which on will be placed the exported data;

Increment – the cell’s increment;

Direction – the direction of filling the cells in the MS Excel’s table (down or right).


Pad – the number of symbols, which should appear in Excel’s table for the respective field. It is used, if you select cropping, but the X-Pert Compact MAM’s field does not contain enough symbols. In such cases, you can complete it with some symbol (a padding symbol).

Crop – defines the number of symbols from X-Pert Compact MAM field content that will be exported.

Pad type – the padding symbol type (symbol or number).

Symbol – the padding symbol itself.

Each X-Pert Compact MAM field you want to export should be entered at a new line in the Export dialog box. Enter new line by pressing the Plus  button. To delete a line, select it and press the Minus  button.

If you want to export only the selected records from the X-Pert Compact MAM grid, you have to check the  Export Selection only box.

Press the Export button to start exporting the records.

WARNING! If you have not entered a Start cell, the exported data will overwrite any existing data in the *.xls sheet, as the default start cell is A1.

IMPORTANT: To be able to export to *.xls files, you need to have MS Excel installed on the X-Pert Compact MAM machine.