Use the General tab to define some your general capture settings and preferences.



In the General tab, Video Standard shows you information about the current video standard, which depends on your video source.

           The video standard can be changed in the Setup form of the plug-in (if the plug-in supports this functionality). The current video standard is also displayed in the Status bar at the bottom of the main X-pert Ingest window in Single-channel view.


 Overwrite logic section

Don't capture if file exists - X-Pert Ingest inspects if the file exists in the folder you have specified and error message will appear. 


TIP(!):The capturing of the item will be possible if you change the name.


Overwrite file - if the file exists, it will be overwritten.


NOTE: Every time, when a file is overwritten, information in the Log section will appear.


Create new file with suffix timestamp - If the file exists, X-Pert Ingest will  keep the original file and will create a new one, with the same name but with suffix timestamp as follows: {CH#}_Date of recording_Time of recording

[CH#] - refers to the channel number, used for capturing the file

Date of recording - shows the date, when the file has been captured. The date format is DD-MM-YY, where DD stands for day, MM- for months and YY for year.

Time of recording - refers to the timing, when the capturing of the file has been started. The timing format is in the following manner: HH_MM_SS_MS, where HH stands for hour, MM - for minutes, SS is for seconds and MS for milliseconds.



 The VTR Capture control section contains the following checkboxes:

Stop on ServoLock Lost – used to prevent bad video capturing. If the VTR reports lost servo lock, X-Pert Ingest will stop ingesting and will send a Stop command to the VTR. Thus, you will be able to see the exact position of the bad tape.


Stop on RS422 control problem – if checked, X-Pert Ingest will stop ingesting if the RS-422 device is disconnected. This is very useful in batch capturing, since the file duration is kept.


Stop on not-playing condition – if this box is checked, X-Pert Ingest will stop ingesting if the VTR is not in playing state, i.e., if it is stopped, paused, rewinding/fast-forwarding, or is in a go-to state.