Tally Logo

This plug-in will raise or lower the output voltage on a specified COM port when playback reaches a logo event line. This is designed to control external logo generators that support GPI input.

As only two pins on a COM port can be used for the GPI output, you can have only two different logo commands per port. Thus, you will be able to switch between Logo 1 and Logo 2 on COM 1; Logo 3 and 4 will be assigned to COM 2, and so on.

The pulse level is defined in the Active level drop-down menu. It is used to control the logo ON and logo OFF commands. For example, if the active level is [High], a Logo ON event turns on the output voltage, and a Logo OFF event turns it off.

IMPORTANT: No logo will be displayed in the X-Pert Playout output!

Press Configure while the Tally logo is selected to setup the COM port for outputting the GPI pulse.