This is the Classification  structure of the entries. The available classification criteria are Type, Keyword and Group. Type describes the content type (cinema, news, sport, music etc.). This criterion has two sub-branches:

Category – defines categories for each Type.

For example, for Cinema these are Children film, Making, Series, etc.

Genres – defines genres for each Type.

For example, for Cinema these are Action, Drama, Comedy, etc.

Keywords – specific, keywords, assigned to the entry that are used for easier search.

Groups – despite their type, entries may pertain to the same group.

For example, it may be a special (gold) fund or Christmas/New Year programs, etc.

Archive – describes the physical location of the copy (building, floor, room, etc.).

To add a new classification criterion (such as Type, Category, Genre, Keyword, or Group) or Archive, you have to right-click on an existing element and choose New from the context menu. This will open a dialog box to enter the name of the new element (type, category, etc.) and define a color for color-coding. The default color is white, i.e., there is no color.

To change an element feature (name or color), right-click on it and choose Properties from the context menu.

To delete an element, right-click on it and choose Delete.