X-Pert Graphics NetControl Output

This function allows managing the X-Pert Graphics objects from X-Pert Playout. This is done by inserting external events (X-Pert Graphics -> NetControl Output events) in the playlist.

          Press the Configure button to configure further the X-Pert Graphics control. You can set the connection port for this UDP communication (it is set to 8012 by default). If there is more than one X-Pert Graphics, controlled through X-Pert Playout in your network, set the X-Pert Graphics channel, to which X-Pert Playout commands should refer.

If you check Broadcast, the commands will be sent throughout the entire network. If unchecked, the commands will be sent only to the specified X-Pert Graphics Server.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to integrate X-Pert Graphics with X-Pert Playout, see APPENDIX 3 – Integration of X-Pert Playout with X-Pert Graphics