Leitch Matrix Switcher Output

X-Pert Playout can control Leitch Matrix Switchers either through the computer COM port or using the IP address of the matrix (via TCP/IP protocol). The configuration window is divided into three areas – one per each mode.

For the COM port mode you should set:

COM Port – the COM-port you will use for connecting to the switcher. All available COM-ports are listed in the drop-down list.

Baud rate – set the information carrying capacity of the port, measured in bits

Read delay – the delay between the command given to the matrix switcher and its execution. By default, it is 50 milliseconds, and it is not recommended to change this value.

Read timeout – the time, for which the switcher reports status.

          If you choose to control the matrix via the TCP/IP protocol, check Telnet mode, and enter the relevant IP Address at the bottom of the configuration dialog.

Check the factory-provided User name and Password, and type them in the relevant strings.

TIP (!) The default user/password for the Leitch Integrator is Leitch/Leitch. For the Panacea series these are Leitch/Leitch Admin respectively.

          The  Internal server mode is used to send commands to the Leitch Matrix Server. The Matrix Server is an add-on application, which provides possibilities to control one matrix switcher from several X-Pert Playout channels simultaneously. In the IP address field type the address of the machine, where the Switcher server is. Below, enter the Port you will use to connect the switcher.