Error and Exception Messages

For the purposes of avoiding memory load and endless scripts, two error checks are implemented in the X-Pert Graphics Program Script:

Object Free Check

If some of the objects, used in the script have not been set free with the Free command, the Program Script will show an error message, like the one in the image below, listing all the variables that have not been freed during the script execution.

Execution Time Check

If the execution of a certain script takes more than 1 - 2 seconds, the Program Script will terminate the script execution and return an error message, like the one below, stating at how many seconds the execution has been stopped.

Exception Messages

Sometimes it is very useful to work with Exception Messages and the Try – Except / Try – Catch block, if you are working with a certain procedure in your script, which does not work in some exceptional cases. You can check Example 11 in Appendix 7 below to see how it works in practice.