WatchDog Plug-in

The WatchDog Plug-in detects if some malfunction of the application occurs. When a malfunction takes place, WatchDog runs “activated” Sub-Plug-ins from its sub-Plugin list.

Activate the preferred sub-plugin by selecting it and pressing the Toggle button. When the sub-plugin is activated, you can press the Setup button to configure it.

Currently, there are three possible sub-plugins:


WD Dialog Plug-in.

When this sub-plugin is activated, a text message appears on the user’s screen:




Relay GPI switch Plug-in.

This Sub-Plugin switches to the X-Pert Bypass Relay card. You can activate it and set it up if you have the Bypass Relay card installed on your machine.

Press the Setup button to enter the necessary configuration for the relay. In the Device Select field you will see the list of the installed Bypass Relay cards. Select the necessary card and press OK.

Important: Even if there is only one Bypass Relay card installed, select it in the Device Select field and press the OK button for the setting to take effect.

You can read more information about the X-Pert Bypass Relay card in Appendix 4 in this Manual.


Restart Plug-in

Activating this sub-plugin will restart X-Pert Playout.