Relay GPI Switch Input/output Configuration

This plug-in allows using of the X-Pert GPI Relay card.

The X-Pert GPI Relay card is a special hardware card designed by X-Pert for receiving and sending GPI signals. Each Relay supports up to four (4) GPI inputs/outputs. One or more relays could be installed on the same machine.

You can read more information about the X-Pert Bypass Relay card in Appendix 4 in this Manual.

The use of the X-Pert GPI Relay could replace the use of a COM port for receiving and sending GPI signals.

The X-Pert GPI Relay functionality is optional and it is not a standard part of the X-Pert Playout module. In order to use it, you must obtain a relevant license.

If you have a licensed Relay GPI option, you can define which mode (Input and/or Output) to be enabled by double-clicking on the Enabled field. You can configure the Relay GPI further by pressing the Configure button:

Relay GPI In

Relay GPI Out