Quality control

The Quality control tab accommodates settings, related to playlist media files, which have been passed through quality control tests. Such tests are performed by the X-Pert Quality Check tool. For more detailed information, related to X-Pert Quality Check, please, refer to the relevant chapter further in this manual.
In brief, the X-Pert Quality Check tool performs content verifications, such as loudness-related tests, checking for missing audio or video samples, etc.

The test results are defined in percentage from 0 to 100%, while 0% means that the media source has not passed the test successfully.
After that X-Pert Quality Check stores the results as metadata into a file with extension *.mtd.
Such a file will be generated for each media file tested.

If the Use quality control checkbox is ticked, after loading the playlist, X-Pert Playout will read the *.mtd files, created by X-Pert Quality Check.
According to the quality data, provided in the *.mtd file, X-Pert Playout will play or skip a media file.

The Minimal average quality allowed spin-box is designed to indicate the average value of all quality tests performed. For example, if a media file is tested, using three testing plug-ins in X-Pert Quality Check, each separate plug-in will rate this file with a value from 0 -100%. If all the ratings are summed up as 250%, the average value will be equal to 250  3 = 83 (whereas 3 is the number of plug-ins, used for tests performing).

NOTE: If the Minimal average quality allowed of a tested media file is under the specified value in the Settings menu General -> Quality control tab, X-Pert Playout will not represent the file.

The Minimal test result allowed spin-box refers to the minimal value in percentage which is permissible per an individual test.

If you place a check in the Warn on missing quality check data, X-Pert Playout will generate a warning message if there is no applicable Metadata available for a certain playlist item.