Missing files

Missing files is the third tab in the Settings dialog box. It refers to automatic handling of missing files in the playlist.

 Show duration of missing files – if there are any missing files in the playlist, their real duration or zero-duration can be displayed. This will affect the playlist’s Total duration and End time that are shown in the Status Bar at the bottom. If this option is checked, a question mark will appear after [Total Length] and [End at] in the Status Bar. If it is not checked but there are missing files, an exclamation mark will appear after [Total Length] and [End at] in the Status Bar.

 Blink status bar on missing file– in case there are missing files in the playlist, the Total Length and End at: cells in the status bar will become red and will start blinking.

 Log message if missing file exists – check it to include the list of missing files in the log window.

 Show warning window if there is a missing clip or stream – checking this box will ensure that a warning dialog will pop-up to prompt the operator that there is a missing clip/stream in the playlist.

 Check Missing Files every …sec. – When you prepare your playlist, you can add files to it that are not available in the online storage yet. They appear in X-Pert Playout as red-colored lines. Check this box to let X-Pert Playout auto-check whether the missing files are already available or not.

 Audio alarm if missing file exists, every …sec. - use this option to enable an audio alarm if there are missing files in the playlist. Thus, you will be alerted if there are missing files, or if you accidentally delete a clip, related to the current playlist.

NOTE: The alarm is output on the PC speaker!

 Try to resume on missing live stream every…min – automatically checks if a missing live stream has been reconnected to X-Pert Playout in a period of time defined by the user

 Auto-fill missing files and live streams X-Pert Playout will look for the auto-fill category, according to your preferences:

 Use category of the clip – X-Pert Playout will use the auto-fill category, as specified in the missing file’s properties. In case there is no such category, the default auto-fill clip will be played out.

 Custom category – here you can select from your own categories, prepared in advance in Settings menu -> Auto-fill dialog.