The Interface tab provides the following user interface options:

Auto popup LogView on error – displays the LogView window automatically, when an error occurs.

Auto change items in Block Timer list – the block timer will follow the subsequent events in the playlist (as selected in the block timer dialog  box). If not checked, the timer will remain fixed at the selected event in the list. After this event has passed, the block timer will read negative values, since the origin point will remain fixed in the past.

Add original duration in notes after trimming – if checked, once you trim a clip, X-Pert Playout will automatically insert information about its original duration in the Notes column in the playlist. If you do not want to see this information, just leave this box unchecked.

Copy HouseID to TapeID – a convenient way to automate assigning reference information, needed for subtitles insertion.

Show frame values in playlist – check it to view the number of frames at the end of the duration value in the Duration column.

Color entire row by category –fills the entire row in the playlist with the Category-field color of the relevant clip. This option refers to categories in X-Pert Compact MAM. You can change the category color in X-Pert Compact MAM -> Options -> Default values -> Colors to X-Pert Playout.

NOTE: You will have to drag-n-drop entries from the X-Pert Compact MAM grid into the X-Pert Playout grid to view their category color.

 Show external event’s thumbnails in the hint – by default, you will be able to view thumbnails of all X-Pert Graphics templates used in the X-Pert Graphics Net Control events in the playlist. If you do not need them, just go to this check-box and uncheck it.

 Disable missable (critical) shortcuts – replaces regular shortcuts of “dangerous” playback commands with alternative ones, as in the table to the left.

 Large status bar – enlarges the status bar at the bottom of the X-Pert Playout window

 Use Extended MPEG info tip – enables showing detailed file information in the hint when sliding the mouse pointer over a clip in the playlist

Hide hardware reset button – checked by default, uncheck this box to be able to see the Reset hardware button under the counters in the main X-Pert Playout interface

 Always show playing item on top of the grid – scrolls the playlist grid so that the currently playing item is on top of it

 Show progress bar in block timer sec. – defines the time before a clip’s end for showing the progress bar inside the block timer. For instance, if a 15-second value is set, the progress bar will be visible in the last 15 seconds of the clip playout. During the rest of the time, the progress bar will not be displayed, just the counter itself

 Overlay channel number, first channel isa big figure showing the X-Pert Playout instance will be displayed in the grid background. You have to set the number of the first channel. The numbers of all subsequently open channels will be updated automatically. You just have to check the Overlay channel number box in the Settings of each X-Pert Playout if you want to view it in the grid.

Video preview aspect ratio – select the aspect ratio for the Video preview window. This is necessary because some decoders cannot report the aspect ratio of the playing content, so this must be selected manually, in order to properly preview content.

Frame rate – this entry is necessary for estimating all kinds of time values (i.e., end time, playlist duration, etc.), while there is no accessible frame rate of a currently played file (for example, X-Pert Playout is in Stop mode).