APPENDIX - 15 - Incomplete clips workflow & TDIR



Using the Time Delay – Instant Replay option (TDIR)

TDIR functionality is available only for *.mpg files, i.e. for plug-ins, where *.mpg files are supported.

To use the TDIR option, launch X-Pert Playout and right-click over the grid. Choose Add/Insert Incomplete clip from the context menu. You can also Add/Insert Incomplete clips from the Edit menu.

In the Clip Properties dialog, browse and point the location where the clip will be captured. Type the Filename and copy it (<Ctrl + C>), you will need it later in X-Pert Ingest. Start the playback.

Next, run X-Pert Ingest and prepare for capturing - make the necessary settings and fill in the Clip Data fields. Use <Ctrl + V> to paste the filename you copied from X-Pert Playout.

There should be at least 5 seconds between the capture start and the start of the incomplete file’s playback.

Here is an example of setting this function. In it, a clip that is still being captured will be played back in X-Pert Playout for 20 seconds:

1.Open X-Pert Playout

2.In the Settings menuSettings dialog, set Check Missing every [3] seconds and click OK.

3.Load a playlist; right-click and select Insert/Incomplete clip.

4.In the Clip Properties dialog, type in the title and the filename.

5.Use <Ctrl + C> to copy the file name, you will need it later.

6.Browse for the location to which the clip will be captured. Then set the Duration to [20] seconds. In the bottom of the Clip Properties dialog, check Live (delayed) file and clip and set duration ().

7.Push Play. The incomplete file is marked Missing as it still does not exist.

8.Open X-Pert Ingest and specify the Folder you will capture to,

9.the clip name and the filename (Use <Ctrl + V> to paste from X-Pert Playout)

10.Start manual capturing.

11.A few seconds later the incomplete clip will become available, but it will still be marked as missing as it was inserted before it was created.

12.It will be played for 20 seconds as specified in its properties.

13.When X-Pert Playout starts playing the next clip, you can go to X-Pert Ingest and stop capturing (if needed).

(!) TIP: You could fully automate this process using the X-Pert Ingest scheduler. Prepare your schedule-capturing list and insert the incomplete (still missing) clips in the X-Pert Playout playlist accordingly. Thus, if you have set the correct timing, X-Pert Ingest will start capturing and X-Pert Playout will start playing back the relevant clips.

WARNING! You must have SCSI or very fast SATA storage for the TDIR option. Otherwise capturing will most likely fail.