Single Channel View


Single-channel view allows you to setup and control each one channel in X-Pert Ingest. 

Major Interface sections includes:


Menu Bar - Use the Menu bar to access the basic features and functions of X-Pert Ingest.


Channel View Mode Indicator - Shows your current view - Multi or Single - channel view


Video Preview - Channel Video preview


Preview Settings Menu - includes options related to Preview handling of Audio, Timecode or CC


Audio - From the right-pointed submenu, you will find the opportunity to Mute all audio channels on the preview

Time Code - Once you click on the submenu, you will be able to disable the Timecode option for the preview

Closed Captions - Opening the submenu will allows you to choose which one capturing channel to be shown on the preview. If you don't need CC on the preview, click on Disable.


Capture Mode Indicator - shows you the selected Capture Mode properties. Possible tabs here are Batch or Schedule capture.


Batch / Schedule Grid - automated captured grid, where you will be able to find control buttons and or to define a list of captured scenes with their respectively details 


Log Section - shows date, time and short description of all your activities and changes for all channels.


NOTE: The log entry for each channel is named by the relevant channel number, inserted in square brackets, e.g. [CH1].


Two buttons at the right side of the log section are available:

Save log to file  - use this button if you need to manually save the log. Once you click on it you have to browse a directory, where the log to be placed.

Clear log  will clear the log section entries for the related channel.


TIP(!): You may use Save log to file and Clear log functions by right-clicking on the log section.


Audio Meter Preview - audio levels preview graph (volume meters).


Quick Channel Controls -  this section contains information about the currently loaded preset, as well as four control buttons: Preset'sCrash capture, Abort and Multi.


Preset's - use this button to change the current capturing preset


Crash capture – use this button to override all predefined batch settings and start capturing from current source immediately


Abort – use this button to abort current capturing session (active only during capturing)


Multi – click this button to switch to Multichannel view, where you can monitor up to 4 channels in different capturing modes simultaneously. You can always revert to Single-channel view.



Channel Section - such section is available for each channel. It contains the Channel number (as numbered by X-Pert Ingest). From here you may also define Capture folder and  Schedule folder paths. Browse and Edit buttons to change folders.  The Record position indicator can also be found in this section.


The Capture folder indicates the file location of captured clips. Click the Browse button next to it to open a dialog box, where you can specify a folder to store the files.


Above the field, you can see information about the free disk space on the selected hard drive.


The Schedule folder indicates the file location of schedule lists and captured clips. Click the Browse button next to it to open a dialog box, where you can specify a folder to store files.


Above the field, you can see information about the free disk space on the selected hard drive.


Record position – indicates elapsed capture time


Item Properties Sector - a common module for Batch capture mode. It provides a user-friendly interface, which allows you to add, store and manipulate metadata properties for all capture items. For more detailed explanation, refer to the Item Properties section of this document.


Metadata editor - allows input of clip-related metadata and comments. The module presets in both Schedule and Batch modes. More details can be found in the related section of the capturing mode.


VTR Controller / Current Date and Time Section - depending on the current capture mode you will be able to use this section as follows:

VTR Controller is available in Batch Capture Mode. More information you will be able to find in this section

Current Date and Time Section can be found once you select Schedule Capture. More details are available here. 


Status Bar - contains plugin name and version, current video standard and output file format (for more information about the supported formats, check the Supported formats section of this document).