Other "Edit" Commands



Use it to cancel up to five recent actions.



Removes the selected object(s) and keeps it (them) in the buffer-memory.



Saves a copy of the selected object(s).



Pastes the buffer content.



This command randomizes the order of all selected clips (highlighted in the playlist). It is quite useful for music video channels.


Apply Transition

This command is used to apply a default transition to a select item (items). You can set a transition to be a default one from the Clip Properties -> Transition tab.


Playlist loop

This command duplicates the check box that loops the playlist for continuous playback.


Clip loop

This button will loop the currently selected clip when X-Pert Playout reaches it. This functionality is not the same as the Loop check box in the main X-Pert Playout window (see the Playlist and Clip Buttons section above).


Override QC restriction - disallows the QC restrictions related to the file.


Select all

Selects the whole playlist.



De-selects the whole playlist.


Invert selection

Inverts the selection in the playlist.



This is a searching/replacing function of the playlist.