Playlist Grid

This area is dedicated to playlist visualization. It looks the same as the X-Pert Playout Playlist Grid, but the grid headers are colored, so you can easily distinguish between X-Pert Playout and X-Pert List. The order of grid columns can be changed by drag-n-dropping them to the left or to the right.

You can control the columns to appear and their order in the grid from Settings menu ->  General  Grid.


Grid Features:

- The Color Coding in the grid provides additional information for the users:

Dark Blue bar shows the currently selected clip –all actions, i.e., Move Up/Down are applied to it.

Red text rows contain events. You can insert the same events as in X-Pert Playout.

Red-colored rows represent clips, which cannot be found at the specified file location. A red minus appears in front of the clip position number.

- Drag-n-Drop – It allows dragging playlist items within the grid or from one grid to another (from X-Pert Compact MAM or from/to X-Pert Playout).

If you hold down the <Ctrl>key while dragging, the executed operation is Copy. If you just drag-n-drop, the operation is Move.

- Multi-selection – allows simultaneous manipulation of many clips– move, randomize, etc. Clips can be added to the selection by holding the <Shift> or <Ctrl> key. The <Shift> key selects from-to, while the <Ctrl> adds a single clip to the selection.

- Double-clicking over a clip invokes the Clip Trimmer. A detailed description of the Clip Trimmer can be found further in the manual in its corresponding chapter. Double-clicking over a missing clip invokes its properties dialog. If you want to view the properties of an existing clip, right-click in its row and select Clip properties… from the context menu.

- Right-clicking in the grid opens a context menu. It contains commands from the Edit menu and the Playlist menu that are described further in the manual.

Columns description:

- Start Time – shows the start time of each clip.

- Duration – shows the actual duration of each clip. If a clip has been trimmed, its new actual duration is displayed in this column.

- Type– shows the type of the clip (MPEG, or AVI DV).

- Category– contains category information, fed by X-Pert Compact MAM. The background is colored with the predefined category color.

- File Namecontains information about the file-paths and names. If you need to change the path of a certain file in List Box, just press <F8> to open the Browse dialog.

If a file is missing after the playlist is loaded in X-Pert Playout, its line will be skipped and the playout will continue with the next available clip.

- Title, ClipID, Star– contain data, fed by X-Pert Compact MAM, describing the clip name, clip ID, and the performing artists. You can edit these fields manually in X-Pert List, in the clip properties dialog.

- Notes – displays trimming notification and data from the fields, defined in X-Pert Compact MAM Options General Fields to X-Pert Playout notes. You can edit these notes in the clip properties dialog in X-Pert List.

(!) TIP: You can choose the columns to be shown in the grid. Go to Settings menu -> General  Grid and check the ones you would like to see. If you would like to change the columns’ order, rearrange them in this dialog, or simply drag their headers, while working in the playlist.