Playback control and counters

The Master Counter shows the elapsed time of the current playout session. Pressing the Stop button resets the counter.

The Clip counter is situated under the master counter. It can operate in two modes: count-up and count-down mode. Just double-click on it to switch between them!

The playback control buttons are situated under the Clip counter:

Play  – starts the playback.

Stop  – terminates the playback.

Pause/Resume   – temporary interruption and resuming of the playback. The playback resumes from the same point on.

Next  – will stop the currently playing clip immediately and will switch to the next clip in playlist. This happens by a smooth cut without any sound or visual artifacts.

Return  is active only after a Jump has been executed. Use this button to return to the position before the last Jump.

Jump  – terminates the currently playing clip immediately and starts playing the selected one, regardless of its position in the grid.

Cue  – This button will interrupt the playback, and will pause at the first frame of the selected clip. You can also activate it by holding down the <Ctrl>key and pressing the Jump button at the same time. Use this to prepare a clip for playback, while showing its first frame on the output. Since this is a machine-and-decoder-dependent function, you might have to increase the Cue Delay time in the Settings dialog box (Settings -> General -> General -> Cue delay).

Fix overlapping  – press it to fix the overlapping issues in the playlist. The fixed time flags will be removed and the duration of the overlapping files will be truncated.

Fixed playlist start mode  – press it to see the start time of the clips in the playlist in relation to the start time of the playlist, which is defined in the Current playlist tab. Press the button again to see the start times of the clips in the playlist in relation the current system time.