Sequences node

This node displays the sequences. You can add a new sequence by right mouse clicking on the node and selecting New from the context menu. A dialog box window appears to fill-in the sequence’s properties:


Sequence name – the relevant name of the sequence.

Color – for color coding.

First episode – the number of the first episode.

Last episode – the number of the last episode.

NOTE: The first episode number cannot be higher than that of the last episode.

Templates – the template record name for this sequence. You may choose it from the list, create a new template record or not set a template. By default, this field is set to [NONE].

After setting the episode numbers and the template record for a sequence, press the OK button to create as many records as the defined number of episodes. The data in these records will be the same as that in the template record.

To delete a sequence, right-click on it and then click on Delete.

To change the sequence’s properties or to add new episodes, right-click the sequence name and choose Properties from the context menu. A Property dialog box will appear and you will be able to change the number of episodes or the template record.