Still Picture Properties

The Picture Properties dialog box looks like the one to the left.

The Toolbar allows you to Open and Save the image, Load and Invert the mask (the alpha channel), and Flip the image horizontally and/or vertically. If your picture does not have an alpha channel, you can import one separately, by using the Open mask  button.

The Draw Alpha Only button  provides a new, interesting option. Push this button to create a Picture object over other objects in the project. Thus, you will overlay its alpha over all underlying objects.

TIP: Try to make effects this way!

At the right part of the window you can adjust the object’s Contrast, Brightness and change its Color Balance. You can choose to Blur the object and set the blur radius by using the slider below.

The Anti-flicker option is designed for smoothing the high-contrast computer graphics when overlaying it over video. Change the Vertical Value to prevent flickering of the graphics’ edges.