Analog Clock Properties

The Analog Clock properties dialog box looks like the one above.

The New button opens an empty clock property object.

The Open button loads a previously created clock object (*.clc).

The Save button saves the current clock image into a file (*.clc).

There are different pages for each clock layer – background (clock plate), hours, minutes, and second hands, as well as a preview page of the overall clock layout.

All pages have an identical structure: a settings area and a preview area.


Load Image – loads the relevant image (for the background, hour, minute, or second hands).

/ Enable – enables/prohibits displaying the relevant element.

/ Key Color– key color for the image. If the image does not have a mask, you can select the key color.

/  Lock position – locks the [X/Y] position of the image.

Transparency– sets the image transparency

Preview area – It is used for previewing the corresponding clock element.

(!) TIP: To achieve a satisfactory result, use a picture-editing application to create four square images with equal dimensions. Save them in separate files – one for each element of the clock (background, hour hand, minute hand, and second hand). Be sure to place the hands’ ends on the exact centers of the relevant images. Keep in mind that the clock object will have the same size as the image in the file. It cannot be resized!