Chat note objects

Another object from the object palette is the Chat note object . This kind of object can be used together with some third-party applications, like SMS, chat, etc. It creates a text file. You can insert a file link (Project -> Plugins -> File Link) in this text file. The chat note will be updated every time the relevant file is saved. The object’s properties are controlled in the same way as the other objects (see the Text object properties section).

A Chat Note can be also treated as a Textobject but when you enter a text in it, the text is always shown as a new line coming from the bottom, and the old text is rolling to the top. The information entered is not saved into the project.

When you click on this object once, an additional object-specific toolbar will appear below the standard ones. Specify the desired speed for changing the text lines in the chat note in seconds via the Speed spin-box:

When you double-click on the object, a window will appear. The properties are the same as for the Text object’s properties.

IMPORTANT: When the object is linked to *.txt file, then the font formatting is taken from X-Pert Graphics font properties. When the object is linked to an*.rtf file on the other hand, then the font formatting is taken from the *.rtf file itself.