Banner Properties

Pushing the Insert Banner  button invokes a dialog box for you to create a list of picture files. They will be displayed as a slideshow in this object:


Use the respective buttons  to add, insert, and delete pictures from the list; invert their alpha, move them up and down, as well as reverse their order.

When you select a picture from the gallery to the left, it is displayed in the preview window to the right. The buttons above it are relevant for the currently selected picture. The Background Color  button allows you to choose a background color for it. Specify how long it will be displayed (in seconds), the transition pattern and duration, as well as the picture’s layout (from the drop-down list in the upper right corner).

If you would like to set the same parameters for all pictures, included in the banner, simply press the Set As Default  button.

Thus, the settings you have already made will affect all newly inserted images in this object.

When you check the Watch Directory option, a browser dialog will open for you to specify a folder (watch folder) that contains picture files. Opening the folder will activate a kind of slideshow in the banner and the images from the watch folder will be shown in the banner object in a random order.

NOTE: Keep in mind that all files, used in the banner objects are kept into the project. In this way, the size of the project is increased and it is possible to overload it. To avoid such overloading, we recommend using the Watch Directory option.