Settings for MPEG-TS with Secure Reliable Transport Protocol(SRT) or UDP:


SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol provide a possibility of sending MPEG transport streams over the public Internet, without special requirement for VPN or other expensive Internet private hired lines. it optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks, such as the Internet, by dynamically adapting to the real-time network conditions between transport endpoints. This helps minimize effects of jitter and bandwidth changes, while error-correction mechanisms help minimize packet loss.


First thing you need to do is add a Multiformat Streaming output.

Access the renderer's property page by clicking on Setup button.


SRT protocol is part of MPEG Transport Stream so for ”Output” choose "MPEG Transport Stream"

From the "Preset" column you have to find and choose relevant SRT preset corresponding to your HW configuration as it supports Nvidia NVenc and Intel QSV hardware accelerated streaming.

NOTE: If you find that related to your hardware preset is missing please contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button, via mail or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51 

For destination address and port you must configure endpoint public IP address and port. Network Interface have to be network adapter that have access to public Internet that will be used for SRT streaming.


After successfully setting up the stream credentials, click on "Apply to settings" and confirm them to be applied to the current preset.